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No doubt about it, the first day is getting closer and closer. There's excitement in the air. There are more and more students joining their grade level Edmodo group. Each "Get Acquainted" Google presentation has growing number of introductions...Next step? School supplies.

If you pre-ordered a "1st Day Kit," the PTSA will have them waiting for you to pick up in the QUAD on the first day of school.  That's Friday, July 31st for 7th graders and Monday, August 3rd for 8th graders. Didn't order a kit? Even though the PTSA may have a few extra for $15, it probably is time to take a trip to your favorite supplier and take advantage of the ongoing sales. 

Of course you want to get the right stuff. Below is the "Christa McAuliffe Standard Supply List." NOTE! This is not everything you will need for the entire school year. The list is what the Christa McAuliffe teachers believe you need to get started. Moreover, some teachers and/or classes have unique needs that you will learn about the first week of school. Remember! When the consumables (pens, pencils, and binder paper) run out, you will need to replace them as the school year goes on. Happy shopping!

Christa McAuliffe's Standard Supply List

4 - Composition Books, (“Sturdy” Spiral Notebooks are OK, double-spiral)

1 – Medium Binder (2-inches preferred)

1 – Expo Marker (Black or Blue, preferred)

1 – Package of Index Tabs

1 – Package of Index Cards

1 – Red Pen

2 – Blue/Black Pens

1 – Package of Binder Paper (Ex. 150 sheets)

2 – Mechanical Pencils

1 Set – Colored Pencils (12)

1 Set – Colored Markers (8)

1 – Highlighter

1 - Pair of Closed-Toed Shoes Suitable for PE (Gym, Running, Walking)


How To Get Acquainted! The Christa McAuliffe Family Welcomes YOU

Each year, the Christa McAuliffe Family renews itself. We start by bidding adieu to last year’s 8th graders. Then, we reconnect with the returning students and staff. Last, but far from least, we add our new family members. Typically, no one really knows what the family tree looks like until day one. This year, we are going to try something a little different.

Students and Staff are invited to participate in a Grapevine Google Presentation in which each of us will introduce ourselves to our grade level teams. For students this is a simple. After you log into your Lodi Unified School District Grapevine Google Account, find your grade level link below, click on it, and create a slide that tells us a little bit about yourself.

7th Grade Presentation     https://goo.gl/Tbu10M

8th Grade Presentation     https://goo.gl/s8j0jQ

If you are squeaky new to Lodi Unified School District and don’t yet have a Grapevine Google Account, please use the link below and Mrs. Snider will transfer your information to the correct presentation.

new1516-at-cmms     https://goo.gl/wNqrSh

The Christa McAuliffe Staff will post their introductions to the grade level presentation with who they work the most. Mrs. Snider will take care of posting duplicate information for any Staff member who works with both 7th and 8th graders. That said, Staff members are welcome to do a slide for each grade level.

Thank you in advance for taking a moment to introduce yourself to the 2015-2016 Christa McAuliffe Family. We look forward to meeting you in person soon.

Sincerely, Mrs. Snider, The Christa McAuliffe Middle School Webmaster

Hello, this is Pierre Kirby, Principal of Christa McAuliffe Middle welcoming you to the 2015-16 school year and giving you a few important dates.  All 7th Grade students will participate in a 7th Grade Orientation Friday, July 31st from 8:55 AM to 1:15 PM.  This is a great opportunity for the 7th grade students learn all about Christa McAuliffe and be ready for the first day of school.  The first day of school for all students will be August 3rd, with a normal day schedule.

Our daily start time is 8:55 AM. The warning bell sounds at 8:50 AM. Our dismissal time is 3:15 PM. 

We are very excited to meet all of our new 7th grade students and see our returning 8th grade students for what promises to be a great school year!  Thank you and we hope you enjoy the rest of your summer vacation.

2015 Summer Fun.jpg

You and your friends who will be attending Christa McAuliffe Middle School during the 2015-2016 school year can start the year off right by winning prizes from the “CMMS Summer Fun Contest 2015.” How do you enter and what do you have to do to win a prize? It all starts with joining one of two Christa McAuliffe Middle School Edmodo groups. If you will be in 7th grade next year, you will join 2017@cmms. Returning 8th graders will join 2016@cmms. Within each group, the school’s webmaster will post fun activities. Each activity will have a point value. With every point you earn, you increase your chances to win a prize at the lunchtime drawing on Friday, August 7th. For example:, you earn 10 points by joining your Edmodo group and you earn 1 point each day you check in with the group.

To join your Edmodo group, you need a code. OK, how do I get the code? Simply complete this Google Form and Mrs. Snider, the CMMS webmaster and contest coordinator, will send you the correct code. When she sends you the code, there will be directions on how to create your Edmodo account and start earning points.

7th Grade Google Formhttps://goo.gl/AIPsGH

8th Grade Google Form:  https://goo.gl/xWIdlL

It's Always OK to Bring Your 3rd Period Teacher


While our annual fundraiser is over, we can still collect box tops and turn them in. Box Tops is year-round.

Where Did It Go?

Yes, indeed the Christa McAuliffe Home Page has been revamped. Please take a look at the left-hand Navigation. There are some new additions. The McAuliffe Archive has many of our old favorites as well as stories that will return to our Home Page when they are needed.  The webmaster thinks it's time that we identify some special groups and places at our school; each of these has a new page totally devoted to them. A few others will be coming soon. The PTSA section has also been updated and now has it's own Archive. The entire Christa McAuliffe family is welcome to join in the fun of contributing to our website. If interested, please contact Mrs. Snider. 

Sharon Christa Corrigan McAuliffe was a teacher from New Hampshire who was selected from among more than 11,000 applicants to be the first teacher in space. She died in 1986 in the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster.

  Christa McAuliffe

       "I touch the future. I teach. "
CMMS BlackBoard Connect.jpg

7-24-2015: Good evening, this is Pierre Kirby emailing an important Welcome Letter detailing our first week of school.  Please take the time to read this over prior to school starting.  It can also be viewed on our school website.  We look forward to seeing you all on the first day of school!  Thank you and have a great evening.

Click here to read the Newsletter.



7th Grade = 7/31

8th Grade = 8/3

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