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Happy Birthday, Dr. Martin Luther KIng Jr.

Each year, Christa McAuliffe kicks off February's Black History month a little early. While Monday, January 21st is the national holiday honoring Dr. King, today is really his birthday. The video to the right is courtesy of Charles Nye, Christa McAuliffe Class of 2011. This past December, Charles graduated from California State University Monterey Bay. 

Student Chromebooks and Securly!

In January, the Securly Chrome Extension was deployed to all district student Google accounts (username@lodiusd.org) to accommodate the 1:1 Home-To-School Connection (HTSC) rollout. Securly is a cloud-based web filter that allows off-premise web filtering for ChromeOS devices by monitoring web traffic on a user’s Google account.

As a result, if a student logs into a Chromebook (regardless if it is a district-owned device or a personal device) with their district Google account, their web traffic will be filtered by Securly.

For more information regarding Securly, please watch the short videos on this playlist. For additional questions, please contact Technology Services at (209)331-8324.




LUSD MObile App Is Live


Lodi USD is excited to share that we rolled out our official mobile app at the end of December 2018. We are making this digital move so that you can be better informed and more connected to what is taking place in Lodi USD and your school site.

The mobile app, which works for both iPhones and Android Smartphones, delivers real-time news to your phone for fast, up-to-date access. With the app you are be able to:

·         Select the schools you want to follow and set up custom alerts

·         Get push notifications about emergencies, events, and more

·         Access grades, assignments, and attendance information 

·         View a calendar of school events and sync information to your mobile phone calendar

·         Contact teachers and staff using the app directories


Christa is the place to be for the...

1:1 Home to School to Home Connection Initiative

1to1 Learning Wordle

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School Calendar


Student Activities


PTSA One Member at a Time


Students are welcome to participate in a variety of activities.

Morning Bridge, 7:30-8:30am: Staff are on hand to supervise students in the MPR.

After School Activities

The Bridge Program, 3:15-6:00pm: This program provides a variety of activities throughout the afternoon. Please stop by the MPR for more details and an application. Space is limited.

DSN Club, Thursdays: Members participate in Technology, Coding, Photography, and Digital Art; It's the Genius Hour of clubs. They meet with Mrs. Snider in Room 213.

CMMS Jammers, Mondays: Members are those students interested in guitar, ukulele, other instruments, singing, and casual music play jam with Mr. Whitworth in Room 215. 

The Anime/Game Club, Tuesdays: Members are the CMMS gamers; they meet with Mr. Buth in Room 126. 

The Garden Club, Fridays: Members are not only in the AG class; those with a passion for gardening meet with Ms. Reavill in P1. 

The Yearbook Club, TBA: Members work to create our annual yearbook. They meet with Mrs. Houston in Room 221.

The Step Stars, Tuesdays + Thursdays: Members learn dance and cheer routines, performing at various locations throughout California; they meet wtih Ms. DeBrae. This group meets on the stage in the MPR, 3:30-4:30pm.

The STEM Club, Mondays: This club was formerly known as MESA. For students interested in Science, this is the club for them. Members meet with Mrs. McCoy in Room 110.

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