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School Calendar


Student Activities


PTSA One Member at a Time


Students are welcome to participate in a variety of activities.

Morning Bridge, 7:30-8:30am: Staff are on hand to supervise students in the MPR.

After School Activities

The Bridge Program, 3:15-6:00pm: This program provides a variety of activities throughout the afternoon. Please stop by the MPR for more details and an application. Space is limited.

The STEM Club, Mondays: This club was formerly known as MESA. For students interested in Science, this is the club for them. Members meet with Mrs. McCoy in Room 110

Interact Club, Wednesdays: Members have fun connecting with each other and the community to make a difference in the World and promote international understanding. The club meets with Miss Yeager in Room 113 bi-monthly. 

Running Club: Members meet with Mr. Rodriguez after school on Wednesday except Minimum Days. 

The Anime/Game Club, Thursdays: Members are the CMMS gamers; they meet with Mr. Buth in Room 126. 

The Garden Club, Fridays: Members are not only in the AG class; those with a passion for gardening meet with Ms. Reavill in P1. 

The Yearbook Club, TBA: Members work to create our annual yearbook. They meet with Mrs. Houston in Room 221.

The Step Stars, Tuesdays + Thursdays: Members learn dance and cheer routines, performing at various locations throughout California; they meet wtih Ms. DeBrae. This group meets on the stage in the MPR, 3:30-4:30pm..

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