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Celebrate Black History Month


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Spring Fundraiser 2020 

 February 21st - March 5th

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Class of 2020 Registers for High School

8th graders start registering for 9th grade classes this week. Future McNair students will meet with counselors on Wednesday, February 19th. Next week, Bear Creek counselors will make presentations on Friday, February 28th in Science classes; then future Bear Creek students will register for classes on Tuesday, March 3rd.

To kick-off this year's registration season, 8th Grade History Teachers passed out "AP Contract Letters." While the letter says Bear Creek High School at the top, most high schools have a very similar letter. Students interested in Pre-AP and/or AP classes next year should plan on completing the contract letter by registration day. Not going to Bear Creek, simply put the name of your future high school at the top of the letter.


High School REgistration

To help 8th graders and their families set goals and make plans for high school, last year's Lodi Unified School District High School Course Catalog is available online at


We at Christa McAuliffe wish all of our 8th Graders well in making their plans and registring for high school.

Six Flags Field Trip Information


Bruin Night February 26th


Pennies for Patients 2020

Pennies for Patients, 2/3 - 2/21

3rd Quarter's school fundraiser is very near and dear to Christa McAuliffe's idea of community service. We hope you will join students and staff in giving to "Pennies for Patients." Each 4th Period class will be trying to bring in the most cash and make the biggest donation. As a school our goal is to raise $2,020. in the event you cannot donate in person, please use our school's "Pennies for Patients"website to help us reach our goal. 

CMMS Pennies for Patients Website


Thanks in advance for your generosity!


School Calendar


Student Activities


PTSA One Member at a Time


Students are welcome to participate in a variety of activities.

Morning Bridge, 7:30-8:30am: Staff are on hand to supervise students in the MPR.

After School Activities

The Bridge Program, 3:15-6:00pm: This program provides a variety of activities throughout the afternoon. Please stop by the MPR for more details and an application. Space is limited.

The STEM Club, Mondays: This club was formerly known as MESA. For students interested in Science, this is the club for them. Members meet with Mrs. McCoy in Room 110

Interact Club, Wednesdays: Members have fun connecting with each other and the community to make a difference in the World and promote international understanding. The club meets with Miss Yeager in Room 113 bi-monthly. 

Running Club: Members meet with Mr. Rodriguez after school on Wednesday except Minimum Days. 

The Anime/Game Club, Thursdays: Members are the CMMS gamers; they meet with Mr. Buth in Room 126. 

The Garden Club, Fridays: Members are not only in the AG class; those with a passion for gardening meet with Ms. Reavill in P1. 

The Yearbook Club, TBA: Members work to create our annual yearbook. They meet with Mrs. Houston in Room 221.

The Step Stars, Tuesdays + Thursdays: Members learn dance and cheer routines, performing at various locations throughout California; they meet wtih Ms. DeBrae. This group meets on the stage in the MPR, 3:30-4:30pm..

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