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The Christa McAuliffe Middle School Archive

Christa McAuliffe Middle School has a rich history. We love sharing our news and accomplishments with the world. We regret that we cannot keep everything on on Home Page. So that we never forget anyone with whom we have shared our journey nor a stop along our path, we offer this page. It's where we can all come to remember what continues to make Christa McAuliffe Middle School the place to be.


Reach for the Stars.jpg

Five years ago today, our school began celebrating "Christa McAuliffe Day." The idea came from a desire to do something special on the 25th anniversary of the Challenger Disaster, January 28 1986. For many Staff at Christa, it was hard to fathom focusing all day on the profound loss the United States experienced that day. So like our namesake, we reached for it and pushed ourselves as far as we could. The answer was to create this day to honor Christa McAuliffe.


Over the years, our students have created amazing projects honoring Christa McAuliffe and the space program started during President John F. Kennedy's Administration. The video below is one such project. It was created by Anthony Nguyen, CMMS Class of 2011. Anthony graduated at the top of this class from Bear Creek High School in 2015. As you watch his video, think about how you will continue Christa McAuliffe's legacy;  reach for the stars!


Stockton NAACP: Seven 'Freedom Fighters Honored

John IVY NAACP Award.jpg
Photo Courtesy of FJD Photography


This month Christa McAuliffe Vice Principal John Ivy and six others were honored by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). Mr. Ivy was "recognized for his years of service in education. He has been elementary school principal, vice principal, counselor and teacher; instructor at San Joaquin Delta College; and board member and president of the Delta College Board of Trustees. The first African-American to be elected to Delta’s board, he served there for 12 years." 


You can read the whole story in the STOCKTON RECORD at Special thanks to Ms. Bivens‎ for sharing FJD Photography's photo with us via Facebook.










Thanks SO MUCH for ALL the Paper!

August 31-September 15th

2015-09-15 07.16.04.jpg

Christa McAuliffe Middle School

Class of 2015

Class of 2015 Enjoys Six Flags Field Trip

Six Flags Collage.jpg

Donation leads to 'Selma' viewing
Posted Feb. 27, 2015 at 5:30 PM 
Kathi Yeager writes: “The High Honor students at Christa McAuliffe Middle School in Stockton would like to thank the anonymous donor who purchased tickets at the Stockton City Centre 16 cinema downtown for students to see the movie ‘Selma.’ The movie tells the story of how Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. led the battle for equal voting rights in Selma, Alabama. We found out later that this donor purchased 1,200 tickets so seventh-, eighth- and ninth-grade students would be able to experience this time in history. We were able to get the last 115 tickets available. Two buses pulled out of Christa on Feb. 4 during school hours and headed downtown with our eighth-grade students who had a 3.55 GPA or over. ‘Selma’ was wonderful, our High Honor students are amazing and most of all, a big thank you to whoever you are out there, that made this happen for so many students in our community.”
— Information and photos submitted by Kathi Yeager

CMMS Completes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge



North Stockton LCAP Community Forum

With Lodi Unified School District Board Member,

Ron Freitas

What:    Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) Community Forum

When:   Wednesday, March 4th

Time:     6:30-7:30pm

Where:   Ansel Adams Elementary School Cafeteria

We need your input to help develop Lodi Unified School District’s plan that outlines the services and programs provided to students over the next three years.

This is the week for the


Yes! There Is A Dress Code.

For More Details,

Check Your Planner, Page 13.

CMMS Dress Code-1.jpg


This science experiment is out of this world - literally! Lodi USD students are comparing the growth of a plant in their classroom to the growth of the same kind of plant - on the International Space Station.

Author: Becca Habegger

Published:11:34 PM PST December 1, 2017


It's a science project that's out of this world. Hundreds of Lodi Unified School District students are working with the International Space Station. They're studying how microgravity impacts the growth of plants. When astronaut Scott Kelly returned from a year aboard the International Space Station in March of 2016, they compared him to his twin brother, to see how low gravity - also known as microgravity - affects the human body


Students at Lodi USD's Christa McAuliffe Middle School are growing that exact same plant in similar conditions, with the addition - of course - of Earth's gravity."I really feel the ExoLab is getting the kids excited," science teacher Samantha McCoy told ABC10 in her classroom. "They do want to look at it, and we look at it, like, everyday." "It's very interesting how we can actually compare something that's going on in space to Earth," added McCoy's student, seventh grader Casmir Gebai.


ExoLab comes from a Berkeley-based company called CEO Ted Tagami was at Lodi USD's Creekside Elementary Friday, teaching kids about the project. "Our challenge really was to get access to extraordinary experiences for students that normally wouldn't have that opportunity," he told ABC10. "So what can we do to impart excitement, curiosity and encourage these young people that there is a future beyond what they might think of as their future? I think there are some very ambitious young people, and we want to keep that curiosity alive."


That's why ExoLab is in elementary, middle schools, and high school classrooms alike. Lodi USD has 15 teachers using the project, teaching a total of some 300 students. And Tagami said ExoLab is in a total of seven states, plus some other countries. Students in Stockton and Manteca are also working with


The hands-on lesson has students and teachers excited. "I think because we have the nametag of NASA associated with it, it makes it a little bit more real, in terms of science," said Jenn Buck, Tokay High School science teacher. "They're actually a little more engaged in terms of doing the background research to come up with a genuine hypothesis." "We never really thought about this before," said Buck's student, 10th grader Iram Ali. "I didn't really care much about space or plants, but I feel like this experiment really increased my want to learn about these topics," said 10th grader Fernando Ochoa. "It's very cool and interesting how we can see how the plants are growing in space and on Earth," added Kadence Gruno, a seventh grader. Rebecca Pisano is a sixth-grade teacher at Creekside and discussed the device. "We actually have this little device that we connect to our computer that tells us when the space station is coming around, and so each time that that happens, they're like, 'Yes! There's our plant! There's our experiment,'" she told ABC10. 


The experiment is showing students the sky is not necessary the limit. That's not all Lodi USD is doing with The two plan on having students build and launch a full-sized satellite into orbit in 2020!

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Spring Fling 2017

March Dance

A GYM, Paved Track, and 21st Century STEAM Labs

What do you think we STILL need to add?

Share your idea by Friday, March 4th.


At the February 17th Staff meeting, Mr. Kirby showed teachers the above blueprint. Teachers discussed the possible changes and added new things to the above picture. They are also emailing Mr. Kirby with other ideas. 


What else do we need to add to the plan? If you have ideas, please contact Mr. Kirby. Lodi Unified School District has been working on a District-wide Facilities Master Plan since April of 2015.  A Facilities Master Plan focuses on a long-range, strategic plan to align the District’s educational and operational goals with the physical facilities at each school site.  The master plan process does not specifically design the buildings at each site, but provides a plan to achieve parity among school sites throughout the District to improve the educational environment for every student. Your input is valuable because you might be the one person who shares a critical idea that is essential to our upgrade. So, please speak up by Friday, March 4th.



CMMS Turkey Trot 2015


8th Grade Boys

8th Grade Girls

1st Place: Christopher Simental 5:20 

(fastest time in school history)

1st Place: Calli Ortega 5:53

2nd Place: Daniel Nash 5:23 

(3rd fastest time in school history)

2nd Place: Mikaila Aban 6:41

3rd Place: Peter Brogger 6:29

3rd Place: Makenna Russell 6:45

7th Grade Boys

7th Grade Girls

1st Place: Josh Garza 5:42

1st Place: Mariah Preciado 6:47

2nd Place: Nasani Ferguson 6:05

2nd Place: Chyna Ojeda 6:50

3rd Place: Justin Alvarez 6:06

3rd Place: Alexis Mattes 6:59


Christa McAuliffe Middle School Remembers 9/11/2001

2015-09-11 09.06.28.jpg

The Karl Ross Post 16 American Legion Honor Guard led the school in a special flag ceremony that included the playing of "Taps." 

Back-To-School Night

Christa McAuliffe Middle School 


Welcome to the Family

Class of 2017



Ready Set Glow.jpg

Christa McAuliffe Middle School Graduation Slideshow

By: L Leilani Terry

Highlights from A Night in Hollywood

2015-03-06 18.27.18.jpg

2015-03-06 18.24.40.jpg 2015-03-06 17.24.49.jpg 2015-03-06 18.22.42.jpg 2015-03-06 18.25.24.jpg 2015-03-06 18.24.18.jpg 2015-03-06 18.23.32.jpg

2015-03-06 18.25.56.jpg 2015-03-06 18.16.26.jpg 2015-03-06 18.06.54.jpg

2015-03-06 18.05.36-a.jpg

2015-03-06 18.04.36.jpg


Mr. Yinger Featured in the Stockton Record

Dave Yinger STKN Record.jpg

David Yinger, a teacher at McAuliffe Middle School in Stockton, is one half of Cole & Younger, a country duo that hit the top 20. CLIFFORD OTO/THE RECORD

Lodi ...more

April 23, 2015, 6:00-7:30pm

We look forward to meeting our 6th grade families and sharing an overview of our school program.

April 25th sign-ups are now closed.

The April 23rd event is more for the parent/guardians. The April 23rd Orientation explains middle school and registration to parent/guardians in a fashion to the presentation made to 6th grade students at their elementary school. We believe it's important for 6th graders to attend this meeting with their parent/guardian so that they can see their parent/guardian faces and reactions as they hear what’s in store for their student in middle school. Does the student have to attend with the parent/guardian? No. Yet, the April 23rd presentation will be done by Christa McAuliffe teachers. What the teachers say might be told a little bit differently than what the student heard at his/her school. Therefore, student attendance is a great idea.

April 25th: This event is for the STUDENT and his/her family to take middle school for a test drive. The parent is there to see the student's face and reactions to the exciting activities students will be doing in 7th grade. It’s one thing to hear about something; it’s another thing to actually participate. On April 25th, students and their parent will build a simple computer game, make a video, do a Science experiment, check out our school garden, and do a lunchtime activity with our Leadership students. Lunch? Yes, students and their families will receive a FREE pizza lunch. Does the parent have to come? YES! Consider the parent to be the student's permission slip to have fun and win prizes on April 25th. Unlike the April 23rd event, students and their parents must sign-up to do the Saturday event. That way Christa McAuliffe knows how much pizza to order. Makes sense. Sign-ups are now closed. No worries. In late April 2016, there will be another family day that you can attend.

Christa McAuliffe's Standard Supply List

4 - Composition Books, (“Sturdy” Spiral Notebooks are OK, double-spiral)

1 – Medium Binder (2-inches preferred)

1 – Expo Marker (Black or Blue, preferred)

1 – Package of Index Tabs

1 – Package of Index Cards

1 – Red Pen

2 – Blue/Black Pens

1 – Package of Binder Paper (Ex. 150 sheets)

2 – Mechanical Pencils

1 Set – Colored Pencils (12)

1 Set – Colored Markers (8)

1 – Highlighter

1 - Pair of Closed-Toed Shoes Suitable for PE (Gym, Running, Walking)