Christa McAuliffe Middle School is located in North Stockton, California and is a part of the Lodi Unified School District. 
We opened in 2004 with a space-theme agenda to reflect the namesake of our school, Christa McAuliffe, who was to be the first teacher in space. Although the Challenger disaster ended NASA’s Teacher in Space program, McAuliffe’s legacy lives in on through a school-wide culture teaching state standards while encouraging students to become responsible individuals.

McAuliffe School

Sharon Christa Corrigan McAuliffe was a teacher from New Hampshire who was selected from among more than 11,000 applicants to be the first teacher in space. She died in 1986 in the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster.

Astronaut Christa McAuliffe

"I touch the future. I teach. "


Our mission is to provide a quality learning environment that challenges students to become empowered individuals, able to be successful in a diverse ever changing society.


Christa McAuliffe Beliefs


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