Eagle Code

Eagle Code

Christa McAuliffe PBIS Matrix












1.  Go outside after you finish eating

2.  Use inside voices with respectful language

3.  Respect the personal space of  others

1.  Clean up after yourselves

2.   Food stays in MPR


3.  Pick up any trash


4.  Be in the MPR before 8:30a.m.


1.  Let an adult know if you spilled accidently

2.  Walk disposable items to the garbage can

                                       3.Keep your food on the table                                   

 4.Remain seated while eating







1.  Respond to staff instructions appropriately

2.  Use Respectful, positive language

3.  Be Respectful to the personal space and belongings of others

1.  Keep area litter free

2.  Keep gum at home


1.  Walk in the Quad       

2.  Stay on common/cemented areas                               

3.  Leave all entrance areas clear




1.  Respond to staff instructions appropriately


2.  Use inside voices with respectful language

1.  Move quietly and quickly to class during passing periods

2.  Have planner visible when leaving class

3.  Keep hallways litter free

1. Walk in correct direction   


2. Keep hands, feet, and belongings to yourself      

3. Be aware of surroundings








1.  Use a library voice   (whispering, as not to disturb  others)

2.  Food and/or drinks stay in  backpack                 

3.  Comfy chair furniture is stationary

1.  Have your ID card


2.  Use a shelf marker when  searching for a library book

3.  Pay library fines in a timely manner


1.  Correctly use “enter” and “exit” doors                

2.  Keep personal belongings out of aisle ways

3.  Push in your chair before exiting

4.  Exit in a single file manner


1. Use restrooms for correct purpose only          

2. Return promptly to class after use                     

3. Keep facility clean

1. Use restroom during lunch/passing period

2. Have teacher’s permission with signed planner

3. Ask to use at appropriate time

1. Wash your hands                                                 

2.  Respect personal space                               

3.  Report to an adult any safety issues



1. Use good sportsmanship

2. Respond to staff instructions appropriately

3. Invite others to play


1. Leave all food and trash in the  MPR

2. Put equipment away when finished

3. Use appropriate language

1.  Use equipment safely

2.  Follow safety rules    

3.  Keep backpacks next to the snack shack

4.  Be visible to adult supervisor


1.  Use correct stairways    

2.  Use quiet inside voices


1.  Follow the Enter/Exit signs    

2.  Use front stairs

1.  Keep stairways clear   

2.  Keep hands/feet and belongings to yourself

3.  Walk


(Before & After School)


1.  Respond to staff instruction appropriately    

2.  Use Respectful, positive language                                                                                                         

3.  Be Respectful to the personal space and belongings of others      

1.  Before 8:30 a.m. - be in the MPR              

2.  Have “Building Pass” to enter the main school building between 8:30a.m. and 8:55a.m.

3.  Leave campus quickly after school

1.  Walk your bicycle/skateboard on    campus

2.  Walk home in pairs/groups                                                                                                   

3.  Watch carefully for cars




1.  Respect and follow crossing guard instructions

1.  Cross the street when it is your turn


1.  Stay in Crosswalk      

2.  Look both ways and watch for cars



1.  Park your bike properly   

2.  Respect the property of others

1.  Lock up your bike  

2.  Only take your bike, lock and helmet home

1. Walk your bike on and off campus

2. Wear helmet




1.  Respond to staff instruction appropriately    

2.  Wait quietly until your turn

1.  Check in with the office when arriving late or leaving early



1. ALL visitors must check in and  have a pass

2. Students use the front door to enter and exit the office



1. Respond to staff instruction appropriately

2. Use inside voices with   respectful language

1.  Use your own money

2.  Respect the position of others in line


1.  Line up properly in a single file line

2.  Keep hands, feet and belongings to yourself